Big Things On The Horizon

Hey everyone!

We hope you are having a wonderful start to 2016.

Though we haven't been blogging a lot over the last couple of weeks, we have been SUPER busy working on the next iteration of Brim. Sometime in mid-February/early March you are going to see some major changes.

Here is a big picture overview of what you can expect:

(1) Massive UI Changes - Right now, Brim has too many icons and the colors can be a little too strong - look out for a new sleek ui, lean and mean! Of course it will still retain all the functionality you love about Brim!

(2) Tasks Upgrade - With the next release of Brim you can expect to see an overhaul to the task management. It will be more full featured and have a lot more metadata to add value to your projects.

(3) Focus on Teams - We are going to be adding more functionality for managing teams including enhanced user provisioning, ROI reporting, purchasing for teams, and lots of new powerful settings.

(4) Search - Search is going to have a major upgrade to give you immediate access to the stuff you want to find quickly.

(5) Dashboard - When you login to Brim we want to give you a bird's eye view of what's going on before you start messaging.

(6) New Corporate Website - We are refreshing our corporate website to make it super usable and focused.

(7) Spell Checker - Need I say more?

Everything on this list was based on your wonderful ideas - Thank you for helping improve the Brim community!

As we get closer to release, we will be blogging (and sharing sneak previews) so that you are prepared far in advance.

Happy New Year!
-The Brim Team