Brim and Career Services

Today we're going to introduce a new series on our blog focusing on how Brim is being used by career services professionals across the country. Here's a little bit of context.

The rise of the internet and other related technologies has been a disruptive force. Many industries have been challenged and even replaced by these technologies. For example, travel agencies have all but disappeared as websites like TripAdvisor and Orbitz have become increasingly popular.

Fortunately, this has not been the case for career services�it has been strengthened by new technologies that enable counselors to offer new services and to provide old services in new ways. For example, it's now possible to have a one-on-one advising session virtually through a text or video chat platform such as Skype. As another example, it's now possible to provide a student with a resume critique electronically by annotating a PDF document and emailing it back and forth.

Until recently, the benefits of these new applications and websites for career services have been spread across a number of different platforms. As a result, their usefulness has been offset by the difficulties of learning lots of different technologies and the challenges of staying organized when jumping back and forth between them.

Brim is a powerful, new, easy-to-use technology that consolidates the most valuable features of all these different platforms and even adds some new ones. Most importantly, it�s easy to learn. So you can get back to the real work of helping students.

For these reasons Brim is quickly becoming the industry standard for career services offices around the country, from UNC to Oregon State and everywhere in between. In our new series on this blog we are going to spotlight some of the specific ways in which Brim is being used by our customers in career services.

We hope that you find the posts interesting and informative! Don�t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, or to request a demo�we always love to hear from you!