Student Success at Community Colleges

U.S. community colleges are facing a myriad of challenges including low completion rates, a widening skills gap, and the lack of local community support. At the same time, there's increasing pressure from government to raise graduation rates and improve overall workforce readiness. Take a quick look at the mini slides below (hit the yellow arrow to advance slides).

To remain competitive, educators must rethink business processes, service delivery mechanisms, educational and vocational curricula, student support structures, local business involvement and many more factors.

As technologists, at our core, we believe that technology can, at a minimum influence all of these areas; done right, it can revolutionize them.

Here's a cute commercial we did which articulates how Brim can be used to transform counseling and advising:

So what is Brim and why should we care?

Brim is a communications platform - it's part messaging app, part productivity toolbox, part social network, and part cloud storage.

Because these components are tightly integrated into one system, Brim allows people who are loosely connected (e.g. students-and-faculty, students-and-advisors, faculty-and-local business people, etc.) to communicate and collaborate instantly. There is no setup -and- no need to synchronize computer environments, software applications, or devices. It works "right out of the box".

Brim can be deployed at any level within your community college. For example, it can be (1) used as an internal communication tool for your administrative staff, (2) used in an academic department as a collaboration tool, (3) used for alumni-student workshops, or (4) deployed school-wide.

As you reimagine your mission, services, curricula, partnerships, etc., we encourage you to think about technological solutions that can help transform and scale your operations. We would love to partner with you on this journey.

Though Brim is a relatively new service, it's rapidly becoming the de-facto communication platform in higher education. Schools across the country are moving to Brim -and- it's one of the fastest growing services in Ed-Tech today.


The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Ray Angle, a 30 Year veteran in higher education-career services has implemented Brim at UNC-Chapel Hill with two main initiatives (1) to provide live, virtual counseling to students who can not visit the career center -and- (2) to provide video-based resume critiques where counselors use Brim to record their screen and microphone while evaluating a student's resume. Kenan-Flagler Business School, also at UNC-Chapel Hill, is using Brim for executive education. Students converge on Brim to meet, share documents, and collaborate.

So, as you think about how Brim can fit into your strategy, Brim can be used to:

  • Engage students, alumni, and local community leaders
  • Communicate with anyone throughout the college
  • Collaborate on class projects or research
  • Deliver Services (Academic, Admissions, and Career Advising)

Lastly, but certainly not least - Brim is extremely cost effective. We understand budgetary constraints and we've priced Brim to reflect real usage - so, Brim will always be "right-sized" for your institution. We view our relationships with schools as true partnerships; We want to understand your goals, and deliver the solutions to meet them - at the right price.

One final thought from Ray:

To explore Brim's functionality further, feel free to browse our web site. Here are a few quick links to check out.

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You can always contact us here or call us at (844)200-BRIM (844-200-2746).

Thanks for your time and best of luck on your journey,

-The Brim Team