Release Notes: July 1, 2015

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Today�s release really is all about video conferencing! More stable, more reliable, and more usable. We hope you�ll love it.

Key Highlights

(1) No more butt dialing! When you start a video call on Brim we now ask you if you�re sure you want to make the call.

(2) Auto-reconnecting! Dropped calls?�?it happens to the best of us. When you�re in an internet dead zone, Brim will automatically reconnect you to the call. We�ll also let the other callers know that we are trying to reach you.

(3) Joining a group call in progress. So, you�re a little late to the group conference call? No problem, Brim will notify you that there is a call in progress and let you join without disrupting the call.

(4) Adding people when you�re on a call. We�ve added a handy button on the call screen where you can easily add more people to your call.

(5) Full screen?�?screen sharing. Yay!

Other Stuff

(6) Custom invitation links. You can now generate a custom invitation link to send to new connections. They will instantly be added to your connections.

(7) Many under the hood bug fixes and performance improvements!

Happy Brimming!

-The Brim Team