EMBA Collaborations with Brim Sync

Brim Sync is a new way to collaborate using your favorite apps. Need to write a term paper using Microsoft Word? Build a financial model in Excel? Create a marketing brochure using Adobe InDesign? Brim Sync allows you to easily collaborate on any file on your computer - with anyone-anywhere.


Let's take a look at how an EMBA team can use Brim Sync to power their collaborations.

Your EMBA team, Team 6, has five members: You, Donna, Carrie, Mike, and Melissa -and- your team needs to write a paper for your Leadership and Management class.

The team decides the paper is going to analyze Jack Welch's impact at GE in the 1990s. Each of your teammates is going to do some work on the document. You're going to write Jack's Bio, Donna is going to write about the management campus in Crotonville, Carrie's going to analyze GE's financials, Mike's gonna tackle Six Sigma, and Melissa is going to evaluate GE Capital.

Your team will prepare this document (Welch.docx) in Microsoft Word.

Brim makes it simple to collaborate on this paper. Here's how it works.

(1) First, write a little bit (on Jack's bio) and send your draft of Welch.docx into the Team 6 chat. Brim will automatically display a thumbnail preview of the file in the chat. alt (2) When you hover over that thumbnail, click the "Sync and File Information" icon. Doing so will open the "File Information" panel on the right. (see below) alt (3) From the File Information panel, click the green "Enable Sync" button. This will send a notification to your teammates that you have enabled Brim Sync on this document.

And ... That's pretty much it! At this point, any of your teammates can also "Enable Sync" on the document. Of course, when your teammates click "Enable Sync" they will be prompted to download the file (because it isn't on their computer yet), but when they do, Brim Sync will automatically be enabled.

(4) Now, when you (or any of your teammates) edit that Word document (say you finish updating Jack's Bio) all of your changes will be synced back to the Brim conversation -and- to your teammates' computers!.

(5) Updates to the document will be broadcast to your team chat and all of the revisions are saved - so you will never lose any hard work. Note the Revision tab on the image below. alt.

(6) You can also compare revisions side by side! alt

If you have any comments or questions about how Brim Sync, or Brim in general, please email us at team@br.im.

Thanks and Happy Brimming!
-The Brim Team