Release Notes - October 19 - Sharing is Caring!


Good morning everybody! We were cranking over the weekend because we thought you might like a new way to share things on Brim! When you decide to share something on Brim you will see a new popup - with 6 options:

Option 1: Send to a Brim Connection Enter as many names (or teams) as you want, and feel free to include a message along with it.

Option 2: Send in an Email Just add your friend's email addresses and say something :) alt

Option 3: Copy a link Just click copy and it will automatically be copied to your computer's clipboard. Paste it anywhere you like, including in Brim. alt

Option 4: Send as a text messaage! Perfect for memes and getting a laugh! alt

Option 5 & 6 Share to your social networks!

Have a great Monday and Happy Sharing!

-The Brim Team