Release Notes - Highlighting! 10-20-2015

Highlighting: A Gift for Carolyn!

One of Brim's best friends, Carolyn, mentioned "it would be awesome if I could use a highlighter tool when looking at a uploaded document with another person!"

Well - Happy Tuesday, Carolyn! It's here!

Basically, as part of Carolyn's job, she video conferences with students and discusses things like resumes, cover letters, personality inventories ... now she can amp up those conversations by highlighting the important text - she can even add a comment to the highlighting.

Here's how it works - in and uploaded file, notice the new toolbar button:


Before using the highlighter - you must select the text then click the highlighter tool button.

Once highlighted, it will look like this:


To delete the highlighting you have 2 options - you can (1) just click on it ... and hit delete (pretty amazing) or (2) re-highlight the text and click the highlighter tool again.

Well, Carolyn -and- everyone else, we hope you enjoy the new tool ... Happy Highlighting!

-The Brim Team