Release Notes:?August 19, 2015

More Video Conferencing and Webinars!

Normally in a video call 2 streams of data are sent?�?audio and video.
A sends A/V to B
B sends A/V to A
pretty simple.

Now what if you have five people on a call?
A sends A/V to B, C, D, and E
A receives A/V from B, C, D, and E

The problem is that each of those video streams (inbound and outbound) take bandwidth and processing power. If you, or one of your connections has either a slow connection or a less than stellar computer, the result can be a choppy, annoying experience.

Enter Mixing

Rather than streaming peer to peer to peer to peer to peer, you simply stream to the server. The server then has some fancy software that combines all of the streams of all of the participants and aggregates them into a single feed. In a 5-person call: The result?�?80% less bandwidth and 80% less CPU. In a 100-person call?�?99% less bandwidth and 99% less CPU. This results in a better, call, more reliable and much more capable of handling large loads.

Recording (coming soon!)

Since the data is being sent to the server, it will now be possible to record calls! Need to record a screenshare/webinar? No problem. Need to record a job interview? We�ll let you know when it�s ready!


Because this release changes the way we connect people, you MUST update your version of Brim?�?If you are using the desktop app, click �Restart to update� when you see the green bar. If you are using the web app, make sure to refresh when you see the popup..

Please let us know what you think and Happy Brimming!!

-The Brim Team