Release Notes: August 26, 2015

Lots of goodies! Some clean up and future planning �

Dates in chat history more clearly marked

You will now see days separators going back indefinitely.
alt Date separators include days of week!

Naming Stuff and Setting Destination Directories before sending! Yippee!


Set Destination Folder & Name Item before sending!
When you create a document, spreadsheet, drawing, or meme on Brim, you will now be able to (1) name the item and (2) specify the directory before sending it!

Message Hover Options!

When you hover over any chat message, look for the new options?�?(1) a star (for making that message a �favorite� and (2) a gear option for showing all available options. Of course you can still right-click to see all options just as you could before!

We Moved Processes to the Top Bar

When you do a bunch of screen recordings on Brim it would list them in the left column (above your connections), this got to pretty annoying because if you did 10 screen recordings it would push everything else down � so, now you can see all �Processes� can be accessed from the icon at the top. Stay tuned for more improvements here!

User Reported Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Drag and Drop of URLs from Folder fixed?�?Thanks, Christian!
  2. Label change of �End Call� to �Hang up�?�?Thanks, Debbie!

Other Miscellaneous Fixes & Improvements

Improve collaborator group editing bug
Add share button in editor footer
Fix panel dnd animations (file-shared event)
Change panel users/topics, add FileDropZone support
Add DND drop support for panel topics
Fix content view reloading
Change singup inviter label
Change share widget, allow sharing to groups
Add teams panel header hyperlink
Fix group create alingment
Fix missing token in file uploader for not remembered users during login Change app processes, move to header/context panel