Release Notes: July 15, 2015

This week we added a new tool to help organize your conversations: Topics! Let us know what you think! If you haven�t signed up your team yet, check us out at

Instant messages can be hard to follow when conversations are flowing fast. Take for example the conversation below:


What is Michal saying �OK� to??�?the weekend or the prototype?


Topics are ways to organize your Brim conversations. Whether you are chatting with a single person, or with your entire team, topics help keep things organized.

In the left column, you will notice a new section: �# Topics�


Topics can be started with a single person or a team. For example, my fiancee and I use a topic called �Wedding Planning�, where all our messages related to florists, bands, food, and honeymoon planning are exchanged. In my professional life, you can see I have a topic called �Scrum� which is shared with my devgroup team members. Every morning we host our scrum meeting from this topic. We video conference, send messages, and exchange files. Everything is contained and organized in that topic and all of the exchanged content is instantly searchable.

You can follow and unfollow topics as you see fit. If you unfollow a topic, you won�t be notified of any activity in that topic.

Top 5 Usability Improvements

  1. File viewer stacking in right column
  2. Opening an item from the File Explorer, Search, Favorites, etc automatically closes the right panel now
  3. Merging of teams and groups?�?let�s face it, they were too similar! Their just called �teams� now.
  4. Added clear selection of the active drive in the file explorer
  5. Easy access to recently opened items?�?just hover over the clock icon and viola! You can easily jump to any of the recent items


User Reported bugs

  1. Authorship colors in documents and 2. Automatic saving time stamp bug fix?�?Thanks April!

Other Stuff

  1. Minor styling improvements, rounding of corners?�?hey, we just think it looks better.
  2. Better usability on dragging and dropping of connections from left column
  3. Fix minichat presence icon css
  4. Fix screen recorder js bug
  5. Remove padding in teams form
  6. lots of other minor positioning issues etc.