Release Notes: July 21, 2015

We�re releasing a day early this week! We made some really nice changes to improve your experience and wanted to get them to you right away!

Top 5 Usability Improvements

1. Simplified left column for readability With the addition of topics last week, the left column started to get a little busy, so we cleaned it up to make everything a little bit easier to read.

2. Fonts are a little darker and smaller On certain screens the chat font looked too light, so we made it a little bit heavier

3. Simplified team creation process We made �advanced� options available?�?useful when you only want to create a quick team

4. Authorship colors in document Now when you are co-authoring a document, authors are now listed in the margin
alt Authorship colors in left margin.

5. Added access to all topics, from all your contacts and teams, in the top toolbar. alt Access all your topics from here!

User Reported Bugs

  1. Screen recording not working when odd dimensions were selected?�?thanks Sue & Jeff!

Other Stuff

  1. Improved retina avatars
  2. Improved icons in mini chat