Release Notes: July 30, 2015

Commands! � and Mentions and Topics?�?Part I

Let�s face it?�?sometimes moving the mouse around is just too much work. What if you could accomplish 3 mouse clicks with just a couple of presses on the keyboard? Meet COMMANDS and MENTIONS.

There are three new key strokes to remember:

/?�?The mighty forward slash?�?for launching commands

@?�?The �at� symbol for mentioning people

#?�?The hash tag for mentioning topics

When /, @, or # is typed, a helpful popup appears where you can either continue typing?�?or arrow up and down the list.


Let�s take a closer look at Commands. Commands are launched by typing the forward slash in the message text box. Unlike mentions and topics, the forward slash must be the first character typed in the message box. You can arrow up and down through the commands to find what you are looking for.


Some commands have additional parameters?�?and some don�t.

For example, if you want to create a spreadsheet, just type in /spreadsheet and hit send (or the enter button).

By including additional parameters, you can access Brim�s super powers. For example, if you want to view the connections of your buddy you can type /connections @buddy-name?�?and?�?Viola! You�ll instantly see their connections list.

Once you start to get the hang off it, you�ll forget you even had a mouse.


Mentioning People with the @ symbol is a great way to get someone�s attention. Simply type the @symbol anywhere in a message and you will see a similar popup with all of the people and teams you are connected with. We�re adding additional functionality next week?�?where mentions will have a little �Easter egg� to grab your attention if you are the one mentioned.

Mentioning Topics with the # symbol will allow you to reference a specific topic that you have started with that team.

We are adding some additional functionality next week for mentions! Stay tuned.

Other items

New chat quoting syntax?�?just add > at the beginning of your message and boom � add >>> and you�ll see:


shows | >> shows || >>> shows ||| � you get the point.

New team and user default avatars

The sad looking whale is gone. Bon voyage, friend. We got tired of looking at you.

Stablity Improvements

Documents editor stability improvements Video conferencing stability improvements
Other minor stability improvements