Release Notes: July 8, 2015

Happy Wednesday! Today�s release is fun! We have included emoji from Apple and EmojiOne!

We are using the :syntax: from

Here�s a quick preview:

There are a few �Easter Eggs� in there � have fun discovering them!

This release wasn�t all about fun.

We have added a bug reporting tool which you will see in the bottom left corner of the app. If you find something funky?�?a bug or just a clunky user experience, please let us know. We want to make Brim the best place on the internet for getting things done.

We also made some nice improvements to the mini chat tool. Wait � Did you know Brim had mini chat? You can have multiple concurrent conversations without toggling. It can look something like this:


Here are some other random fixes:

  1. Renamed �Remove� to �Hide� in left column hover state
  2. Change group presence indicator (we just removed the presence indicator because if you are online, it was always green)
  3. Change sharing widget so you can share with multiple people at once! Yay!
  4. Add support for ESC close in overlays
  5. Fix editors stalled Fav/Unfav action popup
  6. Fixes in left panel chat selection (active)
  7. Change Video Conferencing full screen layout

If you haven�t signed up yet, check us out at!

Happy Brimming!

-The Brim Team