Release Notes - September 23, 2015

Home, Sticky Notes, Private Tasks, New Presence Information Selectors

This release is all about you. Over the last few weeks you have asked "how do I quickly take a note?" "how do I add my own tasks?" "How do I get to my private stuff?" Well ...time for some great answers.

Meet Sticky Notes

Sometimes you just want to save some thought for later - maybe it's a phone number or an email address - or maybe it's your next billion dollar business idea! Sticky notes makes it a snap to create and save notes.

At the bottom of your screen you will see an option "New Note"

Clicking that button will open your sticky notes panel.


Just begin typing in the new note at the top and hit save when your done! You're sticky notes are private! Only you can see them!

Meet your new home page

When you login to Brim you will see a new page with a bunch of quick links to get you oriented. The new layout makes it super easy to find what your looking for!


To get back to your home page, always just hover over your name. When You do, you'll see some colored circles (the new way to change your presence status: Online, Be Right Back, Do Not Disturb, etc).

You will also see a home icon - clicking it will always take you there!

Meet Private Tasks

From the home page you will also see "My Private Tasks" ... Just click on that link, and begin listing all the stuff you need to take care of - groceries, phone calls you need to make ... all the stuff that you want to keep track of just for yourself.


Well we hope you love this release as much as we do ... because ...
You asked for it ... and Thank you so much for doing so!

Happy Brimming!