Introducing Brim Sync - BETA

Big news from Brim HQ!

Today's release contains a new tool that you probably haven't seen before. It's called Brim Sync and it's the most intuitive way to work on shared files with your teammates, co-workers, and co-authors.

Brim Sync is the next step in our ongoing effort to solve the "collaboration problem". Up until now we have been focused on what's contained within Brim, working hard to embed essential tools so that your teams are always fully equipped with chat, video conferencing, task management, and the rest. Brim Sync is our first major step towards harmonizing Brim with the highly specialized applications that you're always going to need to stack alongside it. And we will continue to shape Brim until the joints are flush and your workflow is as seamless as possible!

WE NEED YOUR HELP - to make Brim sync truly amazing, we want to hear from you. If you see something weird -or- think it should work differently, please let us know. Click the Feedback link in the bottom left hand corner of the app. Remember, sync is only available with the desktop app.

With Brim Sync, you and your collaborators can edit a shared file using applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel without having to repeatedly upload, attach, and download the latest versions. You don't even have to move the file to a special folder on your computer.

After uploading or downloading a file, you can choose to "enable sync" for that file. The version of the file that lives on your computer will be tethered to the version on your Brim drive. When you update the file on your computer, we will automatically sync your changes back to the server. If your collaborators choose to download and enable sync on the same file, their changes will also be synced´┐Żboth to the Brim drive and to your computer. We will keep a log of every save so that you will never miss a version.

In order to start using Brim Sync, be sure to update your Brim desktop application if you haven't already. Then keep an eye out for the sync icon that will appear on uploaded files in the chat window and at the top of the document viewer next to the download button. Enjoy!

Here's the new tethering button in the chat window:

Here's the new file viewer Note the footer!

And here is the new information panel

-The Brim Team